Drawing and painting as far back as she can remember, Sue Miller’s interest in art was further fueled by winning local art contests in school as well as the people’s choice award in her very first juried art show as a young adult. Though she also studied art in college, her major was Psychology. “I was always reluctant to make art a job,” says Miller. Raising a family and her work as a psychologist left little time for her to fulfill her desire to paint, but she never completely abandoned her “first love,” art. She is now finally able to devote the time to it that she desires. Nonetheless, Miller acknowledges that her years of clinical practice have had and continue to have a major influence on her artwork.


Always drawn to watercolor because of its soft, transparent nature and the challenge it poses by being very unforgiving of mistakes, Miller studied several years under well-known Pittsburgh watercolorist, Mary Lois Verrilla. She also had formal instruction from another brilliant watercolorist, Dylan Scott Pierce, who in spite of his young age, has been featured in several prominent magazines such as The Art of Watercolor Magazine and International Artist Magazine. While maintaining her passion for watercolor, Miller has recently developed an equal fondness for oils. For the past 6 years, she has been learning classical art principles of the old masters at diDomizio’s art school in Atlanta, which has encouraged her to venture beyond the painting of animals and flowers to doing portraits, landscapes, and plein air painting as well. Miller sets out to achieve the same degree of softness in her oil paintings as is seen in her watercolor paintings through the use of transparent color, meticulous attention to detail, and glazing. Miller’s works are recognized for their ability to reflect, as some have said, a unique “light from within” or a “soulful depth rarely seen.”


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